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As we wrap up another decade in the 2000’s you can’t help but notice all the change that has happened in the past 15 years, especially in education. Changes that stem from the top down, has affected students from the youngest in kindergarten to the oldest graduating from college, but what specific changes have marked the turn of the decade and will continue to follow in the next? 


One change that has been implemented to those just entering into school, is the academic expectancy from those in kindergarten. Kindergarten is no longer a year to build friendships, play, and get used to school, it is the first step in their academic career and teachers are taking it very seriously. Homework and test are being implemented into the classroom structure; after many years of treating it like another year of daycare. 


Another change that has had a positive effect on our education system is the experiments with different forms of instruction. Not all students learn the same, and acknowledging this early on will save teachers many months of despair. Teachers have moved from a one size fits all curriculum to a more inclusive structure that changes depending on the student. 


Educators are also more prone to bringing technology into education, specifically gaming in order to provide opportunities for greater student engagement. Those in middle school, have really benefited from adding technology into their everyday learning. After a certain age, kids need to be taught in different forms, and technology allows the teachers to take a step back and watch as the kids engage in online programs that may teach a concept differently than they may have. 


Throughout the past 15 years, teachers have become more relaxed in their teaching styles, but are still held to a high standard of accountability and performance when posting grades, and assignments online for parents and students. Although educators are more relaxed in their teaching, students are under much more pressure to keep up their GPAs and maximize their chances of getting into colleges and universities. 


The education system will continue to change, as we discover more about the different ways that children learn. In the past 15 years, we have created more change in the system than the last 50 years combined. The way we educate our children will have a lasting impact on the world.