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David Beskar


About David Beskar

David Beskar has excelled at being an educator, administrator, programmer, and coach. To say that he has worn many hats throughout his career would be an understatement. As a teacher, David has taught all levels of math, astronomy, chemistry, and physics. As a network specialist, he has brought schools into the age of technology by setting up and administering their computer networks. As the Dean and Headmaster of schools, David Beskar has overseen school culture, formulated its vision, and guided the growth of the academies. He founded two charter schools, Archway Trivium and Trivium Prep academies. He was in charge of hiring and mentoring staff, assigning teaching duties, managing school budgets, and establishing and directing educational and moral culture.

David Beskar truly believes that educating an individual’s mind and soul enables them to experience success and joy in whatever pursuit they choose in life. He has always gravitated towards roles with organizations that provide value to society. He is immensely proud of his background as both a hardworking individual and adaptable enough to grow as a professional in an ever-changing industry.

In addition to building computers as a young man, David earned his degrees studying Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Saint Thomas, followed by a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. His strong mathematical and scientific skills blended perfectly with his innate computer talents, yet the idea of academics was never on his radar. 

David’s foray into the teaching world was serendipitous. A personal friend was running a school as the Headmaster. David took a teaching position at his friend’s request and ended up teaching algebra, physics, and pre-calculus, along with coaching the basketball team. He found the job was an excellent fit for him, combining his love of learning with his joy in sharing his knowledge with others. 

After many years of following a teacher/network administrator path, David Beskar began taking on more administration responsibilities. He was promoted to Associate Headmaster and then took a position with Great Hearts Academies, opening new locations and growing them from 300 – 1300 students, and hired 40 people to run the school.

In his spare time, David enjoys reading literature, working on construction projects, and hobby farming to teach his children about sustainability and animal care. David also dabbles in recreatHeadmasteronomy and loves watching historically accurate documentaries. He and his family are also big fans of the outdoors and seek opportunities to go camping and hiking whenever possible. 

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