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New Teachers Can Acquire Confidence and Learn New Tips from Others 

Whenever anyone begins a new job or a different position, there is a certain amount of trepidation felt. Facing a classroom of strange students can certainly be a daunting experience for new teachers despite having completed some weeks of student teaching. After all, these classes are now solely their responsibility. All eyes are upon the teacher as the students form their first impressions. Because these new teachers are familiar with the latest technology, they have creative and fresh ideas, two factors that can bring them success in their classrooms.

Display Your Real Personality

On the first day, teachers can display their personalities. They can employ this trait and relax students if they have a good sense of humor. Perhaps, they have had some exciting adventures over the past summer or during the previous year. In that case, they can share them and then have students introduce themselves and relate one of their experiences over the summer. Doing this engages students while also presenting teachers and students as real personalities. This engagement builds meaningful relationships. In turn, these relationships help to improve student behavior, as well as the quality of experiences in the classroom.

Exhibit Confidence

It is best to be prepared and know ways to be an effective communicator. Confidence in one’s ability to manage students and their behaviors will be sensed by the students immediately. During the first days of classes, it is important that new teachers establish their rules and expectations. In fact, this foundation should be a priority as students will not learn in a classroom that is not orderly.

Beginning teachers seek ways to be strong communicators and manage students’ behaviors. But, they must not compare themselves to others; instead, they should strive for their own excellence and model good habits and methods the best that they can. Being themselves is very important as children, especially teens, detect imitation easily and perceive adults who are “not real.” Students will only respect teachers who are genuine.

Above all, new teachers should have confidence in themselves, reminding themselves that they are prepared to be good instructors and models for their students. They should set goals for their students while also welcoming ideas and suggestions from fellow teachers of experience. While listening to the advice of others, new teachers can also be individuals who try new methods and work to make their classrooms a place where students want to come.