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Advanced Placement (AP) courses provide high school students an opportunity to earn college credits. These accelerated courses are more difficult than the normal curriculum and require that students pass a year-end exam to qualify for the secondary education credits. Here are some tried and true methods for helping your student prepare for AP exams. 

Nurture Study Habits
Students often create their own system of studying and believe that they are successfully preparing themselves for academic challenges. However, students generally allow distractions such as smartphones, games, and social media activity to interfere with their study time. Help them create an area that is free from unnecessary distractions. Good study habits include setting aside a specific amount of time to learn and review material. Sufficient sleep is important, so ensure that students do not stay up too late or wait until evening to begin studying. 

Encourage Self Confidence
In addition to proper rest, adequate exercise, and good nutritional habits, students need one more major characteristic to be successful during their AP exams. Educators do not underestimate the importance of self-confidence because they have seen the evidence that confident students perform better in the classroom and on exams. Celebrate small wins with your students to keep them encouraged along their learning path. If they are struggling with a particular area or the subject matter is more difficult than anticipated, consider taking a break with your students and reconvening when they are feeling refreshed. 

Seek Additional Resources
If a brief recess is not enough to help your student or students regain their momentum, additional resources may be required. Many textbooks used for AP courses come with supplementary guides or other online resources that help bring perspective to the course material. Self-directed quizzes, videos, and other helpful tools are useful for a variety of learning styles. Work with your students to determine which ones make the most sense for their preferred method of learning and their biggest challenge areas. Private tutors are available for more intensive training. Study groups or partners may also help students better understand AP course material, especially if several students are struggling in the same areas.