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Bullying is a horrible issue in many schools. Every student deserves an enjoyable learning experience, and no one should feel unwelcome or afraid at school because of bullies. These are some ways for teachers to prevent bullying in their classrooms.

Do not be afraid to talk about bullying.

At the beginning of the school year, teachers should be sure that their students know the dangers of bullying and that it is never okay to be a bully. Teachers should also tell students that bullying will result in consequences.

Be present at school.

Bullies typically do not attack their victims when they know their teachers are around, so teachers should be present throughout the school, not only in the classroom. Bullying can occur in hallways, bathrooms and outside, so teachers should be visible in these locations.

Look out for indicators.

While it may be easy to ignore minor rude behaviors such as eye-rolling, if one or more student consistently does this to another student, it may be an indication that they may be picking on that student.

Encourage bystanders to speak up against bullying.

Many students like to stay out of the drama that they are not directly involved in, but teachers should always remind students to speak up and tell a teacher or principal if they see any form of bullying at school.

Motivate open communication.

Sometimes victims do not tell their teachers if they feel bullied because they do not want to feel like a burden. Teachers should encourage their students to share if they feel insulted, unsafe or uncomfortable at school because of one of their peers.

Keep parents aware.

Teachers should see that parents know about any bullying-related incidents involving their children. Also, if a parent reports an issue, the teacher should look into it immediately.

Prevent cliques.

Some ways to encourage an accepting atmosphere include assigning project partners rather than letting students pick their groups or class bonding exercises.

Following these tips can help teachers avoid bullying in their classes. If bullying ever occurs, teachers should address the issue quickly, talk to both the victim and the bully to resolve the issue and create a safer learning environment in the future.